We are changing lives, one Nurse at a time, and that is impacting the lives of their relatives, children, spouses, and parents.

We source for individuals who see the Nursing career as a calling, we credential them efficiently, match them with global nursing opportunities, ensure they receive favorable contracts with their employers, assist them with VISA and travel arrangements.

We understand what it means to be relocating to a fresh start, so we help our nurses with a start-up accommodation at their new base. We even throw them a welcome party to help them find and connect with some friends to start with.

But that’s not the cause of it, we pride ourselves as a home of life keepers, we thus, focus on presenting only qualified and quality nurses to our clients. To achieve that we won’t just stop at finding the divinity of nursing in you, we will:

  • Coach you on how to pass Nursing Council Examinations
  • Coach you on how to pass IELTS
  • Guide you in applying and passing your foreign council examinations
  • Provide you with basic workplace etiquette training
  • Ignite the love giver attitudes in you


Once you are fully credentialed, we would proceed to expose you to the full retinue of golden nursing opportunities available to you globally. We will then go further too:

  • Secure you with your dream job (only an offer letter is provided at this stage)
  • Work you through the International Passport and VISA securing processes
  • Secure you a work permit
  • Assist you with travel arrangements


In a nutshell, you only need to show us you have the DNA of a Nurse in you and we would take you to the world.